Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns usually require two trips to the dentist. Fortunately, Emanuela Alexandroni, DDS, offers same-day crown services at her Brea, California, clinic. Her practice features advanced CEREC® equipment that carves a new tooth out of ceramic or resin right in the office. If you’re interested in same-day crowns, make an appointment with Dr. Alexandroni by using the REQUEST APPOINTMENT link below or over the phone.

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Same Day Crowns Q & A

What’s a CEREC crown?

A CEREC crown is a crown that Dr. Alexandroni creates for you within one hour. The CEREC system uses CAD software to design a tooth cover in the office — without the lab.

Rather than taking physical impressions of your bite, she uses the 3D digital scanning system to fit you for a crown. With the data from the digital scanning system, the computerized CEREC equipment carves a crown out of a block of solid ceramic or resin.

When would I need a crown?

Dr. Alexandroni uses crowns to complete a variety of restorative dental procedures:

  • Restore a broken or weak tooth
  • Protect a root canal
  • Cover a dental implant

How do you prepare my teeth for a crown?

First, Dr. Alexandroni takes X-rays and examines your tooth. Then, she numbs the tooth with a local anesthetic and takes a digital impression of your teeth to design your new crown.

Next, she programs the CEREC machine with the digital prototype of your crown. The shade and glaze are customized to match your natural teeth. After your crown is ready, she assesses its fit and makes any necessary adjustments.

When it’s time to place the crown, she uses dental cement to secure it.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns?

The CEREC process is fast and efficient. The advanced digital technology allows you to avoid the inconvenience of physical impressions, additional appointments, and temporary crowns.

CEREC crowns also minimize the embarrassment you might feel from walking around without a tooth. With this innovative dental procedure, you don’t even have to leave the dentist’s office until your crown is finished.

The advanced digital technology allows for the utmost precision in designing your new tooth’s color and fit. CEREC crowns provide just as much strength as traditional crowns and look natural.

If you need a crown and have interest in learning more about CEREC, contact Dr. Alexandroniby using the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button below or over the phone to book a consultation.

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