Take Care of Your Teeth in the New Year and Schedule a Checkup

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The importance of regular dental checkups, especially as you get older, can’t be stressed enough. Your oral health affects your overall health in many ways. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to take better care of your health in 2019, you owe it to yourself to schedule a dental checkup.

A dental checkup involves much more than a cleaning and some X-rays. Depending on your dental health, you may be advised to schedule checkups twice yearly, as in every six months, or you could be a candidate for more frequent visits. Adults, in particular, don’t experience that many changes in the health of their teeth, however there are many other reasons, besides checking for cavities, you should schedule a checkup regularly.

What to expect when you schedule a checkup

If you’re having a hard time remembering when you last visited a dentist, it’s urgent that you schedule a checkup to find out the status of your oral health. You may be at risk for periodontal disease, gingivitis, or oral cancer. These screenings are particularly important for adults because, left untreated, they can have devastating results. In the Brea, California area, the office of Emanuela Alexandroni, DDS, INC offers comprehensive dental care, including checkups.

In addition to your oral health, a dental exam will allow your dentist to assess your overall health. Certain conditions, such as serious vitamin deficiencies, can present via the condition of your gum tissue. Dr. Alexandroni can assess the health of your gum tissue and determine if you need further consultation with your physician.

Of course, you will be checked for tooth decay, and Dr. Alexandroni will discuss your options for restoration or replacement, depending on the degree of decay. She will check your bite and the joint of your jaw, ensuring you don’t suffer from TMD (temporomandibular disorder), a painful condition that can compromise the movement of your jaw.

Your dentist will also check the lymph nodes in your neck and head for swelling. This important part of your dental exam can alert you to potential health threats. Swollen lymph nodes can indicate infections and diseases such as cancer.

The most important part of your checkup

Speaking of cancer, oral cancer is on the rise in the U.S., and your dentist is the first line of defense. In addition to advising you how to avoid behaviors that could result in this devastating disease, Dr. Alexandroni will thoroughly examine you for signs of oral cancer. The early symptoms are often overlooked. However, caught early enough, oral cancer can be treated successfully.

Dr. Alexandroni, by virtue of training and experience, can recognize the signs of oral cancer, even in the early stages. When you schedule a checkup, you increase the likelihood of catching this dreaded disease before it spreads. The differences aren’t typically noticeable to the untrained eye, so don’t avoid your dental checkup.

Stay on top of cavities, as well as plaque and tartar

The biggest threat to the health of your teeth, at any age, but especially as you get older, is plaque and tartar. Even the most thorough brushers and flossers can leave detritus behind, resulting in plaque. As the plaque continues to build, it becomes hard, and harder to remove. Once plaque hardens, it turns to tartar, which then promotes tooth decay and cavities. You save time, money, and pain by avoiding cavities with regular dental exams.

The buildup of tartar and plaque not only wreaks havoc on your teeth, in the way of decay, but it also threatens your soft, vulnerable gum tissue. As plaque and tartar build, they creep below the gum line. Bacteria enters the gums, causing an infection which erodes the gums and causes the teeth below your gums to decay. Left untreated, the bacteria can enter your bloodstream and impair heart function. Now, aren’t you ready to schedule your checkup?

Your brilliant smile

Before the hygienist comes in to give your teeth a thorough cleaning, your dentist will take some X-rays. Dr. Alexandroni can recognize many threats by X-raying your teeth, such as bone decay, root decay, and impacted teeth that need to come out. Damage to the jawline, and any other more serious conditions, such as cysts and tumors, can be spotted via your dental X-rays.

Next comes the removal of stains, plaque, and tartar. After that the hygienist will clean and polish your pearly whites. You will be given a demonstration of the proper brushing and flossing techniques, and you’re done with your checkup for another six months.

Your partner in good health

At Emanuela Alexandroni, DDS, Inc we take your dental health, and overall health, quite seriously. That’s why we offer dental checkups to our patients, current and new, in Brea, California. For more information on how you can take care of your teeth in the new year, contact our office.

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