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5 Common Causes of Halitosis and How to Prevent It

Do your friends recoil in horror when you breathe on them? Don't worry, bad breath is incredibly common and the cause of yours may be easily solved. Read on to discover five common causes of halitosis.

Mar 1st, 2019
Preserving the Longevity of Your Veneers

The way you care for your veneers can have a significant effect on how long they last. By following a few tips, you can preserve the longevity of your veneers to save money and spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Dec 10th, 2018
Follow These 5 Tips For Optimal Oral Health

Taking good care of your teeth is essential for keeping them pearly white and healthy. Here are my top five tips for keeping your oral health in optimal condition between dental visits.

Nov 13th, 2018
Why Invisalign May Be A Better Choice Than Braces

Unsure which teeth straightening system is the right one for you? If you're stuck weighing the pros and cons of fixed braces versus Invisalign®, you should read on to discover why Invisalign aligners could be the better option for you.

Oct 17th, 2018
Five Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Did you know that over 15 million root canals are performed every year? Undergoing root canal treatment can save you bigger problems, such as tooth loss.

Sep 23rd, 2018
Dentures vs Dental Implants: What Is Best for Me?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be evaluating your options for replacement. There are several factors to consider, and Dr. Emanuela Alexandroni is happy to help you determine which choice will work best for you.

Aug 15th, 2018
How Veneers Can Revamp Your Smile

You don’t have to go through years of braces or painful drilling to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Veneers are a minimally invasive dental treatment that can revamp your smile in just a few visits.

Jul 20th, 2018
Your Guide to Handling Dental Emergencies

If you’ve cracked a tooth, had a tooth knocked out, lost a filling, or you’re having extreme tooth pain, you’re experiencing a dental emergency. It can be difficult to remain calm, but following certain steps can help you save your tooth and keep your cool

Apr 17th, 2018